Core Component: Discipleship

One on One

  • Set up weekly meetings with at least 4 students.
  • Teach each of these students the Core Requirements.
  • Once you’ve taught each student all of the Core Requirements take them through one teaching from each of these resources.
    • The Purple Book
    • 52 Leadership Ideas for Students
    • Tools for Mentoring
    • One of the Topical Resources from the XA Ole Miss Website

Core Group

  • Recruit and lead a weekly Core Group for the academic year.
  • Complete the Small Group Quarterly Planner and show it to your coach.
  • Recruit a student to lead a small group. Teach them how and nominate them for leadership.


  • Complete a series of preaching labs.
  • Preach a sermon at the weekly service.

FURTHER STUDY (not required)

One on one

“Faith Coaching: A Conversational Approach to Helping Others Move Forward in Faith” by Chad W. Hall

Core Group

“The Master Plan of Evangelism” by Robert E. Coleman

“Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be: Lessons On Leadership from the Bible” by LeRoy Eims

“Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church” by Randy Pope, Chip Ingram


“Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages” by Haddon W. Robinson


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