Core Groups

Core Groups are a great way to make new friends, learn to study the Bible, and get plugged into Chi Alpha. A Core Group is a small group of guys or girls who meet weekly for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. If you are interested in a Core Group, fill out the form to the right with your night of preference and we will get you connected with a Core Group Leader right away!

This list is current for the 2018–2019 school year.                                         

Monday Evenings:

Girls Group: Hannah and Kate: 5:30PM, Bishop 102, Studying: Romans

Girls Group: Asia and Keeri: 5:30PM, RC Library 123, Studying: Mark

Girls Group: Jungmin and Shelby: 6:00PM, RC South 121, Studying: 1 Corinthians

Guys Group: Austin H., Andrew, Chandler: 8:00PM, Bishop 104, Studying: John

Girls Group: Shay and Morgan: 7:00PM, Library 212A – Studying: Hebrews

Guys Group: Austin S and Austin P:  6:45PM, Bishop 106 – Studying: Mark

Guys Group: Thomas: 7:30PM, Hume 108 – Studying: 1-2 Samuel

Tuesday Evenings:

Girls Group: Lauren and Zinga: 5:30PM, RC Library 123 – Studying: James

Girls Group: Kila and Stephanie: 6:30PM, RC Conf Room – Studying: John

Girls Group: Alexis, Bailey: 6:30PM, Bishop 102 – Studying: Acts

Guys Group: Ryan and John: 8:00PM, Bishop 104 – Studying: Ephesians & Galatians

Girls Group: Angel: 7:30PM, RC Library – Studying: Luke

Thursday Evenings:

Guys Group: Brody and Kylan: 7:00PM, Studying: Mark



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