Core Component: Bible Study

There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. You have 10 months in your program; therefore, you need to read 119 chapters per month. That works out to about 4 chapters per day. Here is a page listing all the chapters in the Bible. Once you read a chapter, scratch it out completely in order to track your progress. Your coach will ask to see this page periodically. Even if you use another tool to track your Bible reading (such as using a Bible reading app like Bible), also keep the page in your assignments manual current.

As you read through the Bible you will use a book by Gordon Fee to help give you context as you read. Before beginning each new book read that chapter in How To Read the Bible Book By Book.

We will go through How To Read the Bible For All Its Worth by Gordon Fee chapter by chapter as a group.

Each Month you will also engage in a different way of studying the Bible. In a journal, make a note of how helpful or not helpful you find each method as well as what you are learning and applying from the passage each day.

Month 1: P.R.O.A.P.T. – Pick one passage from your daily reading to do the P.R.O.A.P.T. method on and make your notes in your journal.

Month 2: S.P.A.C.E.P.E.T.S – Pick One section of scripture from your daily reading to apply to your life. See the “S.P.A.C.E.P.E.T.S.” document. Make your notes in your journal.

Month 3: Character Analysis – Study Paul, Timothy, any character you come across using The Biographical Method from Rick Warren. Write your notes in your journal to share with your mentor.

Month 4: Scripture Meditation Method – Select a passage out of your daily reading to us the Scripture Meditation Method. See the “Scripture Meditation Method” document and make your notes in your journal.

Month 5: Praying Scripture Bible Study Method – Pick one Psalm each day to pray through. Utilize “How To Pray Using Scripture” by Kevin DeYoung this month.

Month 6: Lectio Divina – Pick one passage or verse from your reading that day to pray through using Lectio Divina.

Month 7: Bible Application Method – Pick one passage from your daily reading to do the Bible Application Method on and make your notes in your journal.

Month 8: Chapter Summary Method – Choose one chapter a day to summarize in your journal. Utilize Rick Warren’s “Chapter Summary Method” as a model. Put each day’s summary in your journal

Month 9: Imaginative Reading – As you come across a narrative, use the imaginative reading method on one narrative each day that has one. See the “Imaginative Reading” document.

Month 10:  Memorizing Scripture – Pick one verse from your reading every other day to memorize. You should memorize 15 verses this month. See the “How to Memorize Scripture” document by the Navigators.

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